Staff Infections – January 2020

Welcome, friends, to the first edition of Staff Infections in 2020. You might have noticed we took last month off, and that’s because we thought you probably didn’t need another list-based feature to read alongside all the year-end lists we were cranking out. The slate, however, is now clean, so let’s see what the heck the staff has been listening to lately.

We have a pretty resounding winner this month, with Bütcher’s 666 Goats Carry My Chariot. That sounds very evil and all, but can you imagine trying to make a U-turn in that son of a bitch? Practicality of chosen transportation aside, Bütcher seems to be making some pretty epic heavy metal, if the album’s nine-minute title track is any indication. A review of 666 Goats Carry My Chariot is likely forthcoming, but enjoy a taste below until then.

Second place this month is a three-way tie between Judas Priest’s Sin After Sin, Kawir’s Adastreia, and Worm’s Gloomlord. You can catch a little Priest on the embedded Spotify playlist below. Sadly, Worm and Kawir are apparently too evil, or maybe just too cool for Spotify, but I’ve provided some samples so you all can get your fix of filthy black metal.


That’ll do it for this month. Here’s hoping 2020 finds you happy and healthy, or at least on the road to getting there. Be sure and share your own playlist in the comments, and just for fun, how about letting us know your favorite metal song with some kind of goat reference in the title. I reckon this is mine:

  • Captain
    Judas Priest – Sin After Sin
    Judas Priest – Stained Class
    Emperor – IX Equilibrium
    Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
    Zemial – Nykta
    Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within
  • Fetusghost
    Rwake – Rest
    Converge – The Dusk in Us
    Venenum – Trance of Death
    Chapel of Disease – …And as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye
    Hällas – Excerpts From a Future Past
    Ur Draugr – With Hunger Undying
  • Danhammer Obstkrieg
    Worm – Gloomlord
    Kawir – Adastreia
    Philip Glass – Music in 12 Parts
    Sentinel Beast – Depths of Death
    Machetazo – Ruin
    Drautran – Throne of the Depths
  • Ryan Tysinger
    Kawir – Adraseia
    Varathron – His Majesty At The Swamp
    Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
    Macabre Omen – Gods Of War – At War
    Kawir – Isotheos
  • Zach Duvall
    Worm – Gloomlord
    David Bowie – Hunky Dory
    Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
    Autechre – Chiastic Slide
    Killing Joke – Night Time
    Horizon’s End – Skeleton Keys
  • LoneWatie
    Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
    Wilderun – Veil of Imagination
    Horizon’s End – Skeleton Keys
    Lunar Shadow – Far From Light
    Ansur – Warring Factions
  • Andrew Edmunds
    Vicious Rumors – Digital Dictator
    The Adicts – Smart Alex
    Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites
    Organectomy – Existential Disconnect
    Excruciation – Last Judgement
    Gruntruck – Inside Yours
  • Manny-O-War
    Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
    Credence Clearwater Revival – Green River
    Incantation – Vanquish in Vengeance
    Neil Young – Are You Passionate
    Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void
    Advance Base – Nephew in the Wild
  • Dave Pirtle
    Saigon Kick – The Lizard
    Blackguard – Storm
    Persecutor – Rebirth
    Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations
    Obsequiae – Palms of Sorrowed Kings
  • Jeremy Morse
    Oath of Cruelty – Summary Execution at Dawn
    Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race
    Judas Priest – Sin After Sin
    Détente – Recognize No Authority
    Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls
    Unfathomable Ruination – Enraged and Unbound


Posted by Jeremy Morse

Riffs or GTFO.

  1. Midnight-Rebirth By Blasphemy
    Memento Mori- Life, Death and Other Morbid Tales
    Memento Mori- Rhymes of Lunacy
    Borknagar- True North
    Lord Mantis-Universal Death Church
    Avantasia- Moonglow -Thanks Danhammer Obstkrieg! Saw this on your year end list and was like why is this here? Now I know why.


  2. Tool – Lateralus
    Tool – Aenima
    Wode – Wode
    Clint Martinez – The Neon Demon Soundtrack
    Billy Woods – Hiding Places
    Insomnium – Hear Like a Grave

    Goat Song?
    Clutch – The Swollen Goat (In the Wake Of)


  3. Blood Incantation – “Hidden History of the Human Race”
    The Neptune Power Federation – “Memoirs of a Rat Queen”
    Enslaved – “Below the Lights”
    Tribulation – “The Formulas of Death”
    Loudness – “Disillusion”
    The Deathtrip – “Demon Solar Totem”
    Rush – “Grace Under Pressure”
    Opeth – “In Cauda Venenum”


  4. Oath of Cruelty- Summary Execution at Dawn
    Empire of the Moon- Eclipse
    Cattle Decapitation-Death Atlas
    Opeth- GHOST Reveries


    1. Goatwhores- Blood letting Upon The Cloven Hoof!!!!!!


  5. Nyogthaeblisz – Abrahamic Godhead…
    Skinlab – Venomous
    Celestial Season – Solar Lovers
    Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega
    Ufomammut – 8
    Spiritual Beggars – On Fire


  6. Recently:

    Wakedead Gathering – Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre
    Mortiferum – Disgorged from Psychotic Depths
    Abyssal – A Beacon in the Husk
    Miscarriage – Imminent Horror
    Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain
    MC Paul Barman – (​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​)


  7. Vengeful Spectre – Vengeful Spectre
    Pavor – Furiosa
    Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire
    Mithras – On Strange Loops
    Mournful Congregation – The Monad of Creation


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