Staff Infections – September 2020

Hi, friends. It’s September; September of the year 2020, unfortunately. In light of this fact, we here at Last Rites hope you and yours are safe from fire, flood, and plague, though the chances of that seem to grow slimmer by the day. Whatever one’s current circumstances, I think we can all agree that while music won’t fix anyone’s problems, it can make them a little more bearable. With that in mind, let’s see what the staff here has been jamming for the last month or so.

As is usual the playlists are quite diverse this month. A few bands such as Incantation and Fates Warning crop up more than once, and Spencer has done his best to give Pig Destroyer a push. However, only three bands managed to have the same album make more than one playlist appearance, resulting in a three-way tie for album of the month. Both Zach and Megan have been listening to the recently released eighth full-length album from Krallice, Mass Cathexis. Continuing in the black metal vein, Ryan and Manny have been spinning Relatos de Anguistia, the sophomore album from Venezuelan (by-way-of Chile) one-man-band Selbst. Relatos de Anguistia translates to “Stories of Anguish,” and if that isn’t a fitting title for an album in 2020, I don’t know what is. Ryan digs deep into these stories with his review of Relatos de Anguistia right here. Finally, from the progressive side of things, we have Wobbler’s 2017 entry, From Silence to Somewhere, championed by both Captain and Spencer.

That about wraps it up for this month. Be sure to listen to the staff-curated Spotify playlist below, and share your own playlist in the comments. Until next time, I hope you all manage to dodge disaster. It won’t be easy.

  • Ryan Tysinger
    Selbst – Relatos de Anguistia
    Children of the Reptile – The End
    Alunah – Violet Hour
    Master’s Hammer – Fascinator
    Cruella – Vengeance is Mine
    Autonoesis – Autonoesis
  • Manny-O-Lito
    Death Bells – New Signs of Life
    Necrot – Mortal
    Drudkh – Кров у наших криницях
    Mournful Congregation – The June Frost
    Fates Warning – Perfect Symmetry
    Selbst – Relatos de Anguistia
  • Andrew Edmunds
    Deteriorate – Rotting In Hell
    Corpsessed – Impetus Of Death
    Fates Warning – Theories Of Flight
    Queen – II
    Incantation – Sect Of Vile Divinities
    Incantation – Onward To Golgotha
  • Zach Duvall
    The Gathering – Mandylion
    Boris – Noise
    Krallice – Mass Cathexis
    Old Nick – various
    Lizzy Borden – Love You to Pieces
    Depressive Age – First Depression
  • Megan Astrael
    Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate
    Drudkh – Microcosmos
    Krallice – Mass Cathexis
    Sunn O))) – Pyroclasts
    Amon Tobin – Fear In A Handful of Dust
    Vök – In the Dark
  • LoneWatie
    Pyramid Theorem – Beyond the Exosphere
    John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity
    Atramentus – Stygian
    Rick Wakeman – The Red Planet
    Rush – Grace Under Pressure
    The Cure – Disintegration
  • Captain
    Wobbler – From Silence to Somewhere
    Pharmacist – Medical Renditions of Grinding Decomposition
    Bill Frisell – Valentine
    Ulver – Flowers of Evil
    Strangelight – Adult Themes
    Henrik Palm – Poverty Metal
  • Danhammer Obstkrieg
    Metallica – S&M 2
    Helion Prime – Question Everything
    Bobby Hutcherson – The Kicker
    Afrikan Sciences – Circuitous
    Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
    Unearthly Trance – The Trident
  • Spencer Hotz
    Black Elephant – Seven Swords
    Pig Destroyer – Anything from 2007 and earlier
    Stillbirth – Revive the Throne
    Judas Priest – Painkiller
    Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    Wobbler – From Silence to Somewhere
  • Dave Pirtle
    The Atomic Bitchwax – Scorpio
    VA – Bill and Ted Face The Music
    Expander – Neuropunk Boostergang
    Thou – A Primer of Holy Words
    Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
    Outlaw Order – Dragging Down the Enforcer
  • Jeremy Morse
    Blade of the Ripper – Taste the Blade
    The Allman Brothers Band – The Fillmore Concerts
    Metallica – Ride the Lightning
    Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence
    Nile – Those Whom the Gods Detest

Posted by Jeremy Morse

Riffs or GTFO.

  1. Pain of Salvation – Panther
    Oceans of Slumber- Oceans of Slumber
    Manticora – To Live to Kill to Live
    Chrome Waves – Where we live
    Panzerfaust – The Suns of Perdition Chapter lI: Render into Eden


  2. Necrot – Mortal
    Unleash the Archers – Abyss
    Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville
    Vredehammer – Viperous
    Saor – Aura
    Power Trip – Nightmare Logic (Losing Riley hurt, PT seemed like they were building something special)


  3. Maggot Heart – Mercy Machine
    Dool – Summerland
    Iced Earth – Days of Purgatory
    Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still
    Midnight Dice – Hypnotized
    Dio – Holy Diver

    Looking forward to checking out the new Ulver and Oceans of Slumber releases.


  4. Iron Maiden – “Iron Maiden”
    Thin Lizzy – “Johnny the Fox”
    Thin Lizzy – “Fighting”
    Chelsea Wolfe – “Birth of Violence”
    Emma Ruth Rundle – “On Dark Horses”
    Mercyful Fate – “Don’t Break the Oath”
    Weyes Blood – “Titanic Rising”
    Oranssi Pazuzu – “Mestarin kynsi”


  5. A random bag of stuff:

    Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter
    Vader – Revelations
    Manticora – To Kill to Live to Kill
    Marty Friedman – Tokyo Jukebox 1
    Marty Friedman – Tokyo Jukebox 2


  6. Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
    Insect Ark – The Vanishing
    Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin kynsi
    Paradise Lost – Obsidian
    Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still
    Alaric – End of Mirrors
    Purity Ring – Shrines
    Mystras – Castles Conquered and Reclaimed


  7. Having lost my father thus summer, my best friend’s wife two weeks ago, watching a raging pandemic and the incompetent man-baby President who has thrown down the gauntlet and signaled he will steal this election if he can get away with it has me in a somber and totally fucked mood:

    Vallenfyre – A Fragile King
    Insomnium – Heart Like a Grave
    Swallow the Sun – When a Shadow is Forced into the Light
    Disillusion – The Liberation
    Ulcerate – To Stare into Death and Be Still
    Miscarriage – Imminent Horror


  8. Fates Warning – “A Pleasant Shade of Grey”
    Fates Warning – “Still Life”
    John Petrucci – “Terminal Velocity”
    Bad Wolves – “N.A.T.I.O.N.”
    Nothing More – “Self-Titled”
    Pain of Salvation – “Remedy Lane”
    Tool – “Fear Inoculum”


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