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Ghost – Opus Eponymous Review

Positive press as far as the eye can see; spots secured on multiple “top of the year” lists across the land; and an absurd level of hoopla that could lead one to believe that just

Captain’s Best Of 2010

Adios, 2010. On a personal level, you were a bastard of a year that I’m happy to finally see in my rear-view mirror. If I could throw a bag over Father Time’s head and bust

Graupel – Am Pranger… Review

I’m all for progression and evolution, but during a time when the black metal boundaries continue to cloud and push the genre further into more tempered terrain, it’s refreshing to come across projects whose primary

Forbidden – Omega Wave Review

It’s albums such as Omega Wave that present the biggest scoring headaches for me. I can tell you directly off the bat that I’ve greatly enjoyed dipping back into the Forbidden pool with an hour’s

Dawnbringer – Nucleus Review

I suppose the single positive thing about being a dirty polecat and dragging my feet in regards to getting this review out in a timely manner is that it’s given me an opportunity to cull

Origin Of Darkness – The Living Darkness Review

It’s been about four years since we last heard from Xathagorra Mlandroth, the brainpower behind seminal funeral acts Hierophant and Catacombs, but the years have apparently been no less cruel or weighty, as his latest

Atlantean Kodex – The Golden Bough Review

There’s a neglected little rocky crag just south of Stinson Beach I used to visit when I lived in the Bay Area that provided a welcome escape from the stresses of life. The ridge wasn’t particularly

Place Of Skulls – As A Dog Returns Review

I’ve never really considered Place of Skulls to be outright “Christian metal,” despite the candidly pious slant to the lion-share of their lyrics. Sure, there’s plenty nods to theologic affairs, but it’s always been the