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Ludicra – The Tenant Review

I think consistency sometimes gets a bad wrap in the music world. Consistency in terms of style, not quality, obviously. While I consider myself grateful for bands that choose to stretch their boundaries (or in

Droids Attack – Must Destroy Review

Born from a motherboard buried deep inside the High Life-soaked medulla oblongata of guy named Brad Van, Wisconsin’s Droids Attack strike the target with a swaggering stoner-rock/metal gem that’s sure to appeal to cloudy and

Reactor – The Real World Review

Note: This album sounds older than Wilford Brimley ordering up at a Beef Coral drive-through in Tampa, so let that be a warning to those not interested in delving into the history of our beloved

Count Raven – Mammons War Review

The first thing folks will probably notice upon first hearing Count Raven is the fact that sole founding member/guitarist/vocalist Dan “Fodde” Fondelius sounds a hell-of-a-lot like Ozzy Osbourne, so let’s address that right here and

While Heaven Wept – Vast Oceans Lachrymose Review

Little can compare to the feeling of being truly leveled by the work of a great artist, whatever the medium may be. The sweep of Vermeer’s brush, the flow of a Gehry building, or the

Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder Review

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always liked the idea of supergroups better than the real deal. It’s certainly something that’s fun to speculate about with friends, but more often than not, expectations seem to outweigh

Immortal – All Shall Fall Review

“I don’t know if we’ll see the end of the world, but it’s definitely the end of what used to be. Prepare for chaos with a grin on your face! And don’t be afraid, just

Argus – Argus Review

While I certainly appreciate those bands that push the envelope and inject a level of freshness to our genre, nothing knocks me to the curb with greater walloping clout than those records that effectively deliver