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Amber Tears – Revelation Of Renounced Review

I recently made an observation in one of my reviews about how infrequently I hear mention of our friends across the pond in Russia when it comes to metalheads jawin’ about noteworthy newcomers in our

Clouds – Legendary Demo Review

Some folks may show interest in this record based purely on the fact that it’s the latest project from one-time Cave In laborer, Adam McGrath. Such was not the case for me, however. I chose

Lengsel – The Kiss-The Hope Review

Despite the fact that I have been a fan of Extol for a number of years, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I finally heard mention of their connection to the band Lengsel. A

Furze – U.T.D. Review

My first exposure to Furze was through 2003’s Necromanzee Cogent – a delightfully quirky, eerie record that fused elements of psychedelic rock, proto-doom and black metal, all delivered with an atmosphere similar to a wacky

Tenhi – Airut: Aamujen Review

This year’s Maaäet was my first exposure to Finland’s Tenhi, and based on how often I spun the record over the course of a month, I was pretty quick on the trigger when I saw

Solitude Aeturnus – Alone Review

During a time when US-based metal labels were mostly searching for the next meaner, faster, more extreme band, Arlington, Texas’ Solitude Aeturnus epitomized the much less popular doom slant. This left the band with very

Crystal Eyes – Dead City Dreaming Review

This is some uplifting heavy metal right here, folks. Not obscenely happy, like two bear cubs wrasslin’ in a field of daisies, just seriously uuUUPLIFTING power metal/hard rock, delivered with some incredibly infectious guitar work,

Sunn O))) & Boris – Altar Review

No other band in extreme music today garners the “love ‘em or hate ‘em” label more than Sunn O))). Regardless of whether or not you consider their achievements to be “real” doom, or even “real”