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Sepulcher – Panoptic Horror Review

Typically, when I’m writing a review, I read up on the band — bios, interviews, press releases, anything that will help me understand where the music is coming from: its inception, its influence, its intent.

Grisly – The Spectral Wars Review

Another month, another Rogga Johansson album to review… And like the rest, this one’s a Swedish death metal album… Who would’ve expected that? * For this debut from his new outfit Grisly, Johansson The Swedeath

Trappist – Ancient Brewing Tactics Review

If there are three things I enjoy, it’s good beer, good metal, and bad puns. Ancient Brewing Tactics touches on all three. So let’s crack open a cold imperial IPA and see what we have

Cauldron – New Gods Review

Want to like Ghost, but can’t stomach all the pomp and theater? Want to like High Spirits, but can’t stand fun and guitar solos? Well, Cauldron may be for you. Now five albums into their

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage Review

It’s been six years since Pig Destroyer released Book Burner. Add the additional five years between that one and 2007’s Phantom Limb, and we’re now 11 years removed from what remains as the band’s creative

Maligner – Attraction To Annihilation Review

…so then I says to the guy, I says, “Maligner?!  I hardly even KNOW her!” What?  Hello… Hello…  Is this thing on?… I shouldn’t screw around, though, because Maligner doesn’t. This Swedish three-piece rips through

Sulaco – The Prize Review

Sulaco is the name of a port city in a fictitious South American country in Joseph Conrad’s 1904 novel Nostromo. But I haven’t read that. So, to me, Sulaco is the name of the starship

Axis Of Despair – Contempt For Man Review

In some ways, it must be exhausting being part of some legendary group. Everything Anders Jakobsen does (or has done since 2005) is and will be inevitably compared to his time in Nasum, and he’ll