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Gravehill – Metal Of Death / Advocation Of Murder And Suicide Review

As you can likely guess from the title, Metal Of Death / The Advocation Of Murder And Suicide is a compilation of sorts, a rerecording of a previous EP (Metal Of Death) with the addition

Canvas Solaris – The Atomized Dream Review

Progressive rock/metal has traditionally enjoyed a love-hate relationship with me. While I grew up listening to vintage prog (Crimson, Yes, Genesis) before I discovered punk and subsequently went through a lengthy period of distaste for

Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart Review

Not that there’s much competition in my recent listens, but Chile’s Mar de Grises (“Ocean Of Grief”) is the best prog/doom/post-metal hybrid I’ve heard lately. Seriously. I know that’s simultaneously big words and a laughably

Shai Hulud – Misanthropy Pure Review

One of the few metalcore bands that I can truly appreciate (even if I only first checked them out because I’m a science fiction geek), Florida/New York’s Shai Hulud reformed after a several-year hiatus with

Gridlink – Amber Grey Review

Eleven songs. Twelve minutes. Two roommates who wish I’d turn this shit down. Former Discordance Axis frontman Jon Chang is back with Gridlink, a grindcore unit that, like his usually underrated earlier band, kicks all

Grave – Dominion VIII Review

Of late, I seem to be saying this constantly: I love Swedish death metal. I’m repeating myself in a few reviews, I’m aware, but damn it, it’s true, whether you like it or not. I

Deranged – The Redlight Murder Case Review

Swedish death metal act Deranged is back for the final installment of their fifteen-year career. Between the time this album was released and the time I wrote this review, in the face of line-up changes,

ASRA – The Way Of All Flesh Review

I love grindcore. I love it lots. I love it long time. As I listen to The Way Of All Flesh, which I have done multiple times daily since I got it, the first two