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Dawn Of Demise – Hate Takes Its Form Review

Dawn Of Demise are heavy; they definitely have that going for them. This heaviness is not the heaviness born of sheer blasting force, nor of abrasive chaotic clamor. This heaviness is the heaviness of a

Exit Strategy – United State Of Amnesia Review

“Marine, what is that button on your body armor?” “A peace symbol, sir!” “What is that you’ve got written on your helmet?” “Born to kill, sir!” “You’ve got ‘born to kill’ written on your helmet

Dismember – Dismember Review

I absolutely love Swedish death metal; I get all weird inside when I hear that dirty fuzzy guitar tone. Not weird in a creepy way, but weird in a good way, like an intoxicated way. It

Arson Anthem – Arson Anthem Review

For the three of you who may not know, Arson Anthem is another side project of Phil “I’m In More Bands Than You” Anselmo, this time a hardcore punk venture.  Knowing full well what lashes I’m

Hellish Crossfire – Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram Review

Part 2 of my journey into retro-metal side-projects is Hellish Crossfire. (Part 1 was my Zwartketterij review, and I enjoyed that part of the trip, so let’s hope my luck holds up here.) Tracking down

Zwartketterij – Cult Of The Necro-Thrasher Review

From Zwartketterij‘s bio: “Only 80s metal is real… ” “…lyrics about metal, demons, spanking the bitches, alcohol and blasphemy…” Okay, color me interested… Holland’s Zwartketterij is comprised of members of Grimm, Walpurgisnacht, and Cirith Gorgor.

Warbringer – War Without End Review

Like many fans of Ye Olde Days Of Metale, I was pleased with the idea of these newbie thrash bands popping up everywhere, raising their horns in tribute to bands and albums I’d always loved. But

Cripple Bastards – Blackmails And Assholism (DVD) Review

Crusty Italian grinders Cripple Bastards celebrate their twentieth anniversary with this exhaustive double-DVD documentary plus their full set at the 2003 Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic. DVD sets are almost always “for fans only”