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Artillery – When Death Comes Review

Next up in the cavalcade of thrash revivals: Artillery. If you don’t know, the Danish thrashers released a couple of good albums in the 80’s that borrowed a bit from the happening scenes of the

Glorior Belli – Meet Us At The Southern Sign Review

The Crossroads. Whether this conjures for you an image of a young black man in a dusty black suit and holding a shabby guitar case, or the epic axe battle between Ralph Macchio and Steve

Nahemah – A New Constellation Review

A quick check of the googles for Nahemah will yield several results that tag the band as progressive death metal. There has been some mild but entirely warranted debate over how appropriate this label is,

El Paramo – El Paramo Review

Krautrock inspired by the Palm Desert scene and refined in the halls of the Chicago School of Atmospheric Post-Metal, by way of Madrid, Spain. Unless you’re already familiar with El Paramo, or studied in these

Crescent Shield – The Stars Of Never Seen Review

I called to the other men that the sky was clearing, and then a moment later I realized that what I had seen was not a rift in the clouds but the white crest of

Vanmakt – Ad Luciferi Regnum Review

Think about the Haunted House attraction at the local county fair. The one where you ride herky-jerky in a little cart that clicks incessantly along a tiny train track. Every ten feet or so, some

Heaven & Hell – The Devil You Know Review

Conversations between young metalheads and old about metal’s pioneers – Priest, Maiden and, first and foremost, Black Sabbath – seem to always involve comments from the younger pups that come straight from the “what have

Urna – Iter Ad Lucem Review

Metal has long been embraced as a metaphor for darkness, and funeral doom may be its most effective vehicle, as its crushing heaviness and ponderous pace instantiate at once the blighting of sight, sound and