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Zonaria – The Cancer Empire Review

Sweden seems to churn out melodic death metal bands the way Hollywood churns out douchebags. One of the more recent products of the Swedish melodeath sweatshop is a group of early-twenty-somethings that calls itself Zonaria.

The Prophecy – Into The Light Review

Good doom-death metal is depressing. That’s the point. Life can be bleak and it often burdens us with pain so heavy it challenges our very right to exist. The best bands in the genre have

The Faceless – Planetary Duality Review

Some other reviews will say a lot about The Faceless’ previous -core leanings and make a big deal about this album’s movement away from that style and toward a stricter technical death metal approach. The

Elite – We Own The Mountains Review

Elite hail from Mo I Rana, Norway, which is about a stone’s throw from the Arctic friggin’ Circle; so far north that they get virtually no sunlight for most of the winter, during which temperatures