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Saille – Irreversible Decay Review

It is no small secret that symphonic black metal has been in a lull for several years now. Really, calling it a lull is far too nice. A more accurate statement would be to say

Ghamorean – Terra Ruina Review

Now just where the hell did this come from? That was my thought as the grandiose, semi-overture-styled intro of “Towards Pandemonium” crashed out of my speakers. After all, Sweden’s Ghamorean isn’t exactly new on the

Motörhead – The World Is Yours Review

What the hell happened to the fanfare surrounding a new Motörhead album? The fact that no one seems to be talking about The Wörld is Yours, Lemmy and Co.’s landmark 20th studio album (or 21st,

Svart Crown – Witnessing The Fall Review

Jay: “Olaf, metal!” Jay: “That’s his fucking metal face.” Hipsters and “yeah bro, metal is cool”-types the world over love that scene. Why? Because fake Russian dudes are funny; because the movie is in black

Falkenbach – Tiurida Review

Falkenbach has always resided outside of the more industry-supported or well-known folk metal circle, despite being conceived all the way back in the late 80s. The sole vision of Vratyas Vakyas (born Markus Tümmers of Germany)

Canopy – Menhir Review

Bearing witness to a band’s growing pains can reap great rewards for a fan as easily as it can bring uncomfortable disappointments. On one hand there is the pleasure in having known that band when

Zach Duvall’s Top 20 of 2010

What a year… I don’t know if I just paid more attention in 2010 due to free time or if this much stuff really did blow me away, but I never remember listening to and

Revelations Of Rain – Emanation Of Hatred Review

A masked sky. An immeasurably vast landscape. One lone creature soaring above the earth, confused by the encroaching heavens and rumbling chaos from below. Shifting terrain scatters trees, beasts, life. A great spire of rock