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R.I.P. Seth Putnam (1968-2011)

Anal Cunt founder / mainstay Seth Putnam passed away on June 11, 2011, at the age of 43 — the cause of death is reportedly a heart attack. Since founding AC in the late 1980s,

Alestorm – Sailing Back Through Time

The article was originally written by Rae Amitay. Since the 2006 release of their first album, Captain Morgan’s Revenge, Alestorm has been simultaneously delighting, confusing, and impressing audiences around the world. Their third collection of

What’s New In The Black Forests Of Panslavia?

It’s been awhile since my opening installment of the Panslavian Black Forests, and much has been going on in the (Slavic) metal world. Bands of all types have been issuing albums weekly, and it just

Novembers Doom – A Bright Spot In The Darkness

Chicago-based death/doom maestros Novembers Doom released their eighth full-length record on May 10 — the beautifully crushing Aphotic. The album continues down the band’s path of top-tier dark metal, with some of their best and

Argus: An Interview With Brian “Butch” Balich

It’s been heavy metal’s consistent predilection towards exploring dark themes and pushing extremes that’s pulled so many of us into its tractor beam over these many long years. But during those golden moments of the

Blackguard – Dressed To Kill Review

Originally written by Sasha Horn. I had seen Blackguard perform once, not so long ago. And it was in one word, explosive. Lots of hair flailing, leather legs up on monitors, and fist-pumping against the night air thick

Metalmorphoses: Shifting The Paradigm, Pt. 3

Because heavy metal bands change direction and because heavy metal fans stake whole pieces of themselves on the results, the Last Rites staffers have been sharing their thoughts on some of the transition albums that

Metalmorphoses: Shifting The Paradigm, Pt. 2

A band in transition can be a daunting prospect for fans — the results can just as easily be disastrous as transcendent. In Part One of this three-part Metalmorphoses feature, the Last Rites staff began