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Onslaught – Sounds Of Violence Review

Despite their longevity, I first truly crossed paths with British thrash outfit Onslaught with their reunion disc, 2007’s Killing Peace. I’d heard of the band, as punkers and then as thrashers and most notably as

Triosphere – The Road Less Travelled Review

Even if all the opportunistic carbon-copy acts in heavy metal’s recent history leave you less than excited about throwback sounds, it’s hard to deny the retro appeal when those sounds reflect a heartfelt bond with

Korzus – Discipline Of Hate Review

Korzus formed in Sao Paolo in the early 1980s as a typically feral Slayer-indebted Brazilian-thrash outfit. By 1991’s Mass Illusion, they’d refined their approach into a more controlled Bay Area-styled attack, and then by the

Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival

Savatage was a huge part of my formative days—Hall Of The Mountain King, Gutter Ballet and Streets were all huge records for Younger Me. As the ‘Tage went on, even with the departure of one Oliva

Paradox – Riot Squad Review

Although they’re both German and thrash, Paradox isn’t what most of us would think of when we think of “German thrash.” Their particular brand of speed is more controlled, more technical, more precise than the

Nostradameus – Illusion’s Parade Review

Swedish power thrashers Nostradameus bring us their sixth record of melodic and epic, Helloween-and-Nocturnal–Rites-indebted speed metal. All the requisite components are here—guitar work with riffs equally melodic and aggressive, throaty vocals that reach into the

Destruction – The Curse Of The Antichrist – Live In Agony Review

To quote the source, “Destruction strikes back… A devastating thrash attack…” As a partner in the holy trinity of German thrash alongside Kreator and Sodom, Destruction‘s career arc has followed that of their brothers. Like both

At Vance – Ride The Sky Review

Originally written by Ross Main. German power metal outfit At Vance remind me an awful lot of EA Sports. Once establishing their brand, they are more than happy to churn it out year after year, with slight