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U.D.O. – Dominator Review

Although his name will be rightfully forever prefaced with “former Accept vocalist,” metal veteran and Elmer Fudd lookalike Udo Dirkschneider has fronted this eponymous outfit since the late 1980s. With this twelfth record, he’s now

RAM – Lightbringer Review

In this age of every conceivable genre and sub-genre-splicing sub-sub-genre, Lightbringer is just good old metal, kids. Not br00tal, not kvlt, not ‘core, not thrash, not death, not black. Just sweet, sweet metal—classic and traditional,

Tankard – Thirst Review

I like beer. I like metal. Ergo, I like Tankard. The self-proclaimed “kings of beer” and the oft-overlooked cousin of the Big 3 of German thrash (Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction, of course), Tankard is still

Edguy – Burning Down The Opera Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. One of the premiere power metal acts today, Edguy plays a brand of metal attempted by many but mastered by few. There is a reason why Edguy is at the