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Cianide – Unhumanized Review

Sometimes evolution is just unnecessary. Chicago’s gods of caveman death metal Cianide return with their first release in nine years, and only their third in the past twenty. (And even then, Unhumanized is only half

Cianide – The Dying Truth (Reissue) Review

Though I’ve been a fan of Master and Death Strike for ages, I must begrudgingly admit that it was a long time before I dug much further into the Chicago scene, and in not digging

Cianide – Gods Of Death Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Good lord, I haven’t heard these guys since their 1992 debut The Dying Truth, which I subsequently sold or traded. (If anyone has an extra copy feel free to hit

Cianide – Hell’s Rebirth Review

originally written by Pete Richards I was a young man going through some of the best years of my life when I first heard about Cianide while reading a friend’s ‘zine called Corrosion. Death metal