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Rosetta – The Anaesthete Review

Originally written by Chris Redar It’s not a great idea to lead a review with a terrible joke. The indication is that the critic didn’t take an appropriate amount of time with the material and


Blut Aus Nord – What Once Was​.​.​.Liber III Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Last Friday, Blut Aus Nord released What Once Was…Liber III via Bandcamp. With zero fanfare. Unless you were one of the forty-odd people slavishly following Debemur Morti’s Facebook feed, this

Slidhr – Deluge Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Oftentimes, details are the difference between a sale and a bust. If a consumer is shopping for a car, odds are they know what they want in terms of style

The Eye – Supremacy (Reissue) Review

If you’re worried that it’s been almost six months since Vindsval gave us new Blut Aus Nord music, and you fear that a sudden gap in his inhuman rate of production will lead to some

Behexen – Nightside Emanations Review

The general consensus amongst long-time fans seems to be that Behexen fully hit their stride with 2004’s By the Blessing of Satan – a benchmark example of how to produce blistering, vile and decidedly heavy black

Manetheren – Time Review

I suppose it takes a certain amount of chutzpah to title a 75-minute album Time. Nevertheless, although Manetheren doesn’t quite provide the sort of experience that enthralls from start to finish, the band makes settling

Blut Aus Nord – 777 – Cosmosophy Review

When news came out that blackened French masters Blut Aus Nord would be unleashing not one, not two, but a full trilogy of albums within a short time span, the skeptics immediately started crying foul

Haemoth – In Nomine Odium Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Haemoth’s brand of black metal seems to be often overlooked in certain sections of the pantheon of metal listeners these days, which I suppose is understandable considering the wealth of