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Graf Orlock – Examination Of Violent Cinema, Volume 1 Review

I keep an eye on Graf Orlock because I’m unduly fascinated with the completely over-the-top packaging in which they’ve managed to literally wrap their physical output. The Destination Time Tomorrow CD arrived in the arachnoid

Last Rites’ Favorite Album Artwork Of 2016 – Welcome To List Season…

Kicking things off with the theme to “Welcome Back Kotter” might seem strange, but there’s a warmth and familiarity in the tune that’s fitting as an opener to this most hallowed season. No, not the

Graf Orlock – Crime Traveler Review

I remain an ardent supporter of physical media. I don’t feel like I really own an album unless I can hold it in my hands, and though I don’t always go in for every special

Graf Orlock – Doombox Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Now is as good a time as any to get into American grindcore because it seems every which way I turn I find another quality dose of blast beats, distorted

Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey This just in: Obscure, no-name critic champions band’s ability to make listening fun instead of harping on their lack of variation or other musical downfalls. The rest of the day’s headlines

Graf Orlock – Destination Time Yesterday Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I have this thing about albums that are peppered with incessant movie samples: I hate them, and think they’re fucking stupid. So why the hell did I pick Graf Orlock’s