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Last Rites’ Facebook Albums Of The Week: July 8th – July 14th

“Album Of The Day” is a Last Rites Facebook feature we started whose purpose is quite straight-forward: highlight one album per day and say a few words about it. Understanding that not everyone chooses to

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We’ve Missed In 2018 So Far, Part 4

Here at Last Rites, we listen to a metric shit-ton of heavy metal—it’s just what we do. But even then, every year, there’s so much great heavy metal that gets released that we simply don’t

Carving A Mixtape – Exercises In Black Metal: Vol. 1

Ever since kindergarten, I have been obsessed with the idea of sharing music with others. Generally, this came in the form of stolen Billy Idol or Led Zeppelin cassette tapes from my parents until that


Fast Rites – Volume 5

Football, shmootball. The Cubs have gone down in flames, thereby proving that Back To The Future Part II is a work of fiction. Here are a few albums, both good and bad, for Cub fans to slit their

Horna – Sotahuuto Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Horna have always been a solid and respectable black metal band in my eyes. Nothing they’ve done has ever really blown me out of the water (I‘m actually a much

Horna – Ääniä Yössä Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Horna has been around for a bit more than a decade at this point, and I feel somewhat embarrassed in mentioning this is the first time I’ve ever really sat

Horna – Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson In a world often fraught with danger and mediocre music, there is something to be said for a release this profoundly average and enjoyable. Embodying the second wave of black