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Last Rites Presents: Our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2020, Part 1

Hello, friends. Welcome back from whatever holiday-based bender of debauchery you’ve been on for the past week or two. It is, as you know, now 2020. This doesn’t mean you have to celebrate the return

Ironsword – None But The Brave Review

If you have at least one working eye and even a general knowledge of what’s going on in metal, you can probably guess what’s on tap here based purely on the cover artwork alone. And

Ironsword – Overlords Of Chaos Review

Ironsword hails from Portugal, and this is their third full-length release of epic METAL. (Ironsword is too METAL for lower-case letters.) Manilla Road comparisons abound, and they’re more than justified, as Ironsword evokes the METAL