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MyChildren MyBride – Lost Boy Review

It has long been MyOpinion that, if there truly were a merciful God above, He/She would spare us from about 95% of the music made in His/Her name… MyCleverGeneralizations notwithstanding, Alabama’s MyChildren MyBride is apparently

Starkweather – This Sheltering Night Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. Let’s call it the Philadelphian Metalcore Curse. When you think about it, how else could you explain Starkweather? Or Turmoil and (early) A Life Once Lost? Maybe it’s my Philly-raised inferiority complex talking, but

Cleric – Regressions Review

originally written by Erik Thomas It’s rare that I’m ever thrown for a loop or that I have a hard time finding words when it comes to reviews, but Philadelphia’s Cleric appears to have done just that.

An Interview With Between The Buried And Me – Unchecked Progression

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a huge Between the Buried and Me fanboy. 2005’s Alaska remains one of my top ten metal albums of all time, and each subsequent release

As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise Review

originally written by Erik Thomas I’m pretty sure there’s no need to introduce As I Lay Dying to anyone reading this review. If you clicked here, you are more than likely to be a fan of the

Bleeding Through – Bleeding Through Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Arguably one of the first metalcore bands to add keyboards, Orange County’s Bleeding Through have been a steady, if divisive, force in US metal. Now apparently less concerned with being rock stars

Teeph – Teeph Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey What part does nostalgia play in our enjoyment of music? My dad has been raiding the shit-stained Rhapsodic vaults for Glenn Miller, not because he likes the bland cat, but

Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect Review

Quite a few people are all fired up about Between the Buried and Me for very different reasons.  Again. For many, the quintet’s fifth album proper, The Great Misdirect, represents the latest gospel from on