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Captain Cleanoff – Symphonies Of Slackness Review

2009 has been good to me so far. Behind the February offering of Napalm Death‘s monstrous Time Waits For No Slave and the April release of Brutal Truth‘s return, I also belatedly stumbled across this

Birdflesh – The Farmers’ Wrath Review

Originally written by Ross Main. I don’t care for grindcore. In fact, when I applied to be a writer for Metal Review I specifically mentioned that I don’t care for grindcore, and I remember it well because

Cripple Bastards – Blackmails And Assholism (DVD) Review

Crusty Italian grinders Cripple Bastards celebrate their twentieth anniversary with this exhaustive double-DVD documentary plus their full set at the 2003 Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic. DVD sets are almost always “for fans only”

Yacøpsae – Tanz, Grosny, Tanz… Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Everything you need to know about Yacöpsae is contained in the title of their ’98 full-length: Fuck Punk Rock… This is Turbo-Speed-Violence!  Seriously, that’s it, that’s all you need. Thanks

Cripple Bastards – Desperately Insensitive (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner I really can’t recall ever seeing more compilations, splits, and 7” releases in my life. Hell, their back catalogue has more songs than grind sensations Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Originally released in

Fleshless – To Kill For Skin Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Somehow, someway, despite the fact that this is the fifth release from Czech death metal heroes Fleshless, despite the fact that I own enough CD’s to become a record store