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Panzerbastard – Gods, Thugs And Madmen Review

A few years back, I accidentally stumbled across Boston’s PanzerBastard, and it was a happy accident, because they definitely struck a chord, their crusty thrashing metal equal parts of personal favorites Discharge, Motorhead and Celtic

Deceased – Surreal Overdose Review

“Mother?…What’s wrong with me?” Surreal Overdose doesn’t flash much of anything we haven’t heard a thousand times before, particularly if you count yourself a long-time fan of Deceased. But what sets this band on an

Panzerbastard – Centurion Review

Given the presence of twin Celtic Frost covers, the seemingly unofficial “Into The Panzermonium” subtitle of this new EP from Boston punk-thrash outfit Panzerbastard is both amusing and apropos.  (That addendum came along in my

Panzerbastard – 2006-2009 Review

So, first off, as you may have noticed, this band is called “Panzerbastard.” And, as you also may have noticed, that’s pretty rad. I signed up for this solely because of that radness, and I