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Chaos Frame – Entropy Review

A relatively young and American progressive metal band, Chaos Frame is something of a treasure. While they have yet to knock a record out of the park, there has always been that reserve of potential,

Artizan – The Furthest Reaches Review

Something you quickly learn as a devoted music enthusiast is the fact that there really should be no lines drawn in the sand when it comes to appreciating the things that resonate with us. Just

Attick Demons – Atlantis

There are thousands of bands similar to Attick Demons out there. Not just stylistically, mind you (Maidenisms abound, once again), but also in terms of groups that manage(d) to remain ‘active’ over a long stretch

Artizan – Curse Of The Artizan Review

It’s really no secret that the current faction of Metal Review mostly ignores what stems from the “power” realm of heavy metal today. I suppose these sorts of things can be expected as genres fall