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Death Metal Dossier – Tristengrav, Rotted, Voimaton, Swarn, Encoffinate & Sedimentum

Hello and welcome to another episode of Death Metal Dossier! Unlike last time, Ryan did not make crepes. I’m not exactly mad about it but I’d be much happier with a light crepe filled with

Death Metal Round-Up At The Maggot Stomp Records Corral

It started with an innocent e-mail. The subject line, “Say Goodbye to the Rest of Your Foreskin.” And lo, a relationship was formed upon which many crates of avocados would be exchanged in the spirit

Rotted – Pestilent Tombs Review

As my colleague here recently said, he “simply doesn’t have time for more generic death metal.” Well, I’m sure a lot of people feel that way. Those people, however, are lame. Definitely not the kind