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Rae Amitay’s Best Of 2012: Here’s A Clever Title

2012 didn’t bring about the apocalypse, but it was still a tempestuous collection of days. Still raw from the loss of David Gold and my future in Woods of Ypres, I spent the first few

Last Rites’ Best Of 2012 – Combined Staff List

First thing’s first: Welcome to Last Rites! Now, it might seem weird for a “new” webzine to be bursting out of the gate with a Top 926-or-whatever Albums of the Year list, but, despite appearances

Royal Thunder – CVI Review

Royal Thunder’s self-titled EP, released late in 2010, was an unassumingly excellent first statement from a young band bristling with potential. The Atlanta, Georgia band’s earnest, soulful take on Southern-inflected rock with a rippling undercurrent

Royal Thunder – Royal Thunder Review

In case you were worried that the classic power trio format was dying or dead, Royal Thunder is here to straighten you the hell out. The Atlanta three-piece plays a spooky, occult-tinged blues rock that