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Iced Earth – The Crucible Of Man Review

Originally written by Kris Yancey A couple months prior to December 2007, I was given the opportunity to interview Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, then-vocalist of Iced Earth. I have always had an immense amount of respect for

Motörhead – Motörizer Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. Ah, Motorhead. Though the argument for Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden can certainly weigh in with much clout, the impact Lemmy and co. have made since 1975 cannot be denied by any stretch. There

Unleashed – Hammer Battalion Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: After the god-awful ‘comeback’ album, Hell’s Unleashed, Unleashed righted things with the solid Sworn Allegiance and even more solid Midvinterblot and now have three solid albums in a row with Hammer Battalion. Review: There’s not much to Hammer

Moonspell – Night Eternal Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon Portugal’s veteran goth/black metallers Moonspell have not missed a step as they approach their 3rd decade of existence. In fact, I feel that Night Eternal might be their most complete work to date, possibly excepting the

Annihilator – Metal Review

Why does the music industry hate Annihilator? I suppose having a lineup that is in a constant state of flux could make a label leery to extend a contract. Quality-wise they have been one of

Monster Magnet – 4-Way Diablo Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. So my Metal Review cherry is popped with my first review, which is the new Monster Magnet album 4-Way Diablo.  It follows up 2004’s Monolithic Baby! and is very much a similar album.  Unfortunately, this means the album

Helloween – Gambling With The Devil Review

At the beginning of most album reviews, we writers normally like to include a brief history lesson, or perhaps a whimsical anecdote or thoughtful musing about the artist. Frankly though, Helloween has way too much

Sodom – The Final Sign of Evil Review

One of the recent trends in metal has been for a band to go back and revisit older material for a new release. They may want to re-record it with a new approach (a la