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Best Of 2018 – Andrew Edmunds: Clever Title?! I Barely KNOW Her Title!

2018 was a very strange year for me. I started the year with an intracranial hemorrhage (I’m fully recovered now, thanks) and ended the year with a marriage (she may never fully recover, thanks). Through

Wake – Misery Rites Review

One of the most fascinating and fun facets of fandom is watching a band develop over time. I don’t have any children – much to everyone’s relief – but I do have nephews and a

Andrew Edmunds’ Best Of 2016 – Let’s Put This Year Behind Us

Christ, what a terrible terrible terrible year. I’m glad this one’s behind us. Between the deaths of so many greats and the interminable American presidential election, 2016 was an insufferably brutal year. (Let’s not speak

Chris Redar’s Top 10 of 2013 – B.S. Free

Originally written by Chris Redar Lot of shit happened this year, huh? Let’s talk about some fuckin’ music. • • • • • 10. KATALEPSY – AUTOPSYCHOSIS This was described more than once as tech.

Wake – False Review

Originally written by Chris Redar We’ve got a serious contender for the grind throne in Wake’s False. There’s no way to tell exactly what humankind did to piss these Calgary denizens off this much, but please, bipeds;

The Wake – Ode To My Misery

Originally written by Erik Thomas You know McDonalds right? You know it’s processed, synthetic and blatantly disposable. But despite these facts, you enjoy a Big Mac, even though you’ve had hundreds of them? Well, The