Carnal Forge – The More You Suffer Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon

Fresh off of seeing them destroy the NJ Metalfest, I’ve gotten the honor of reviewing Carnal Forge’s new album, The More You Suffer.

The best aspect of this band is that they are so reliable from album to album, they’re like the AC/DC of Swedish neo-thrash. Going into a Carnal Forge album you can be assured of quality, relentless, riffy metal on every track. Although this leads to the problem of songs being too similar, but fortunately, they’ve expanded their repertoire just slightly to push this album ahead of their older work.

The production does the guitars justice, although at times it suffers from this modern trend of putting the drums too forward. That works fine for death metal, but with this style of metal, I need those axes front and center. Jonas Kjellgren’s screams are as tortured as ever, and the Kuusisto brothers continue to create interesting rapid-fire riffs. The rhythm section of Linden and Westerberg forms the precise and pummeling foundation that holds the songs up.

All of the songs hold up well on their own, but a few stand out from the pack. Opener “H.B.F. Suicide” has one of the most metal choruses I’ve heard in awhile (Hell! Blood! Fire!). “Destroy Life” crushes, with nasty death metal riffs mixing with groove lines to create a punishing metal assault. “Breaking Boundaries” is classic Carnal Forge, just pure speed and sick riffs throughout. “Deep Rivers of Blood” is a mid-paced gem, with plodding lines and gripping leads abound. “Into Oblivion” harkens back to their classic song “Hand of Doom,” when Kjellgren opens up with a 20-second long, blood-curdling scream – possibly their strongest song on the album. “My Bloody Rampage” has the album’s best riff at a minute in.

I don’t need to go on anymore, this album simply kills me. If you like hyper Swedish-style thrash like The Haunted and The Crown, you’ll love this. If you’re already a Carnal Forge fan, you won’t be disappointed. If you want a sore neck…yep, this will fill that need too. If you’re from the US, check them out on the Metal Gods tour with Halford, Testament, etc.

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