Marduk – World Funeral Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

Marduk has always been a band that’s been better known for their live attack, as opposed to their studio material. Personally, I think their studio stuff is awesome; Swedish black metal at its finest. Marduk embodies utter blasphemy, sheer brutality, and a touch of melody. At times, like a pack of feverous wolves. At others, a hulking grizzly. But most importantly, always sadistic.

With a history spanning over 10 years, these extreme metal veterans assault the masses with their latest Christ-raping album, World Funeral. My first impression with this disc left me a bit disappointed, but that’s all in the past now. After several listens, this disc grabbed me by the throat and smashed my face in until my ears submitted to the grand power it offers.

Opening with the blazing fast “With Satan and Victorious Weapons,” you merely just sit while your body is sliced clean-through by the razor sharp riffs of guitarist Morgan Håkansson. Marduk embodies something you don’t often hear in black metal: guitar solos. And they are well-played and never over-used.

The other unique thing about Marduk is the bass is usually always audible. Not only that, but it’s heavier than sin. Bassist B. War refuses to sit back quietly, and his playing is quite prominent on World Funeral.

Marduk has had a long history with The Abyss Studios and World Funeral follows that trend. Anyone familiar with the products of this studio know what to expect. It embodies a raw powerful sound that is always distinguishable. The guitars shred, the drums crush, the bass pounds, and the vokills lay waste to anything that’s left.

Marduk has always had a history of creating solid black metal, and World Funeral is no different. From lightning fast to brutal and heavy, World Funeral does not let up, leaving you with a haunting ambient outro that sounds like it’s from the Clockwork Orange. This is black metal to burn churches to!*

*Note: Metal Review does not condone the act of arson 😀

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