Aeternus – A Darker Moment Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley.

Pure old-school death metal. No frills, no bullshit, just a pure, unrelenting quasi-blackened death metal assault. Aeternus is this to a T. There is no ambience, no cheap tricks to try and seem “deep”, just straight-forward death metal on “A Darker Moment”. I love it. Normally I’m not much of a fan of the pure death metal assault, but this album is great. There’s something very refreshing about the purist approach, reminiscent of Bloodbath or Vehemence. Even the song titles are straight forward, like “Slavestate”, “Soulslayer”, and “Darkstorm”. There’s a little melodic sound (mind you, A LITTLE). The only reason I say melodic is because you can hear a sort of tune or melody going on. This ain’t no Swedish melodic death metal that everyone seems to be growing tired of. There is nothing that even the purest death metaller would call “weak” in here. Simply pure evil, catchy death riffage going on, with excellently powerful blast beat infested drumming. But get this: not every song sounds exactly the same! And they still have good solos that actually make sense and sound like they were written, not improvised! Contrary to popular death-metal-belief, you don’t have to be completely chaotic with horrible blast beats to be a good metal band. Aeternus is neither. They are controlled, legitimate musicians who play an excellent brand of crushingly powerful death metal. Riffs are chunky and heavy, slow and piledriving. Erik (the drummer) has excellent control, yet he can let loose on a machine-gun blast beat at the drop of a hat. It all comes together in a glorious way, who could not love it? “A Darker Moment” isn’t the very best thing to grace my eardrums, but it’s pretty damn cool. This is a great album to introduce upcoming death metallers to, to get them ready for the assault to come. Anyone slightly interested in the less-melodic side of metal can easily pick up this bad boy and get some quality listens out of it. This isn’t poseur territory though, if you’re fresh off of In Flames and Soilwork after coming from Tool, Metallica, and Korn, then don’t bother with Aeternus. Anyone interested in furthering their descent into hell should pick up “A Darker Moment”.

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