All Shall Perish – Hate Malice Revenge Review

Just fucking brilliant execution. A good band writes some good songs, then performs and records them with passion, depth, skill and style. All this is mixed and mastered in a way that preserves and enhances the remarkable efforts. This is a death metal fan’s wish fulfillment. Well, it’s THIS fan’s wish fulfillment. The songs are made up of varied tempos and beats, sometimes blazingly fast, but just as often Tiger tank slow, inexorable and crushing. Hell, lets just go with the Tiger metaphor: Sometimes blasting your vitals with the power of an .88mm shell, sometimes cutting you to pieces with MG42 violence, always heavy, always powerful and with devastating breakdowns (hehe). And topped off with the tortured commander’s voice made harsh from screaming over the constant din… Heh, I like that. It puts a swell visual to this CD. Warm, throbbing basslines, drums that, while a little canned still sound meaty and vital and guitars that are clear, yet still heavy are all captured about as well as I have heard lately. These gentlemen can play their shit, too. Tight, sickening and simply wrenching every ounce of blood from the body of these tunes. No player really stands out, being more of a unified force for evil and hatred. The vocalist thrashes his voice all over the death metal spectrum, from shouting, to screaming to roaring – and you can understand him fairly easily. The production is just superb. I have heard a shitload of CDs this year, and this ranks up with the very best as far as clarity, power and depth are concerned. Each instrument is clear and nothing steps on anything else. The vocals are a part of the music instead of a focus, but they are not down in the mix at all. Part of this is the way the band executes and even the songs themselves, which are composed in a way that leaves many spaces for textural contrasts, but there have been some outstanding bands releasing some outstanding records that could have benefited from this mix. Kudos to the band and the team behind the knobs. If there is anything holding this disc back, it would be that the songs, while very fucking good, lack a subtle cohesiveness. When I say subtle, I mean I can’t put my finger on it. There is a focus missing to it all, somehow. Not something that should keep you from this disc by any means, but just a little something which, if discovered by the group, might just propel them into the very elite of modern death metal. Bottom line: Buy this fucking disc you fucking slow witted shitstains. It’s fucking great, it’s fucking heavy and you need it or your life really will be as empty as it seems to others. This record covers all the death metal bases and does it with style and clarity. It’s a killer fucking disc and you want it so fuck you and get it already. Seriously, fuck you. I need to go listen to it now!

Posted by Chris Sessions

I write for Last Rites, but in my mind it is spelled Lassed Writes because I am a dreamer.

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