Bestial Mockery – Evoke The Desecrator Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

Sometimes you just know you won’t like an album: from the name of the band, member names (Warslaughter, Sir Torment, Sodomizer), the logo, the song titles and the contained promotional jargon (“BEWARE!!!”, “CLASSIC”, “ACCLAIMED!”), you just know.

Swedish black thrash outfit Bestial Mockery are one such band that I had a bad feeling about before spinning Evoke The Desecrator. Now, for you dirty, grimy black/thrash metal fans (Deathwitch, Katafalk, The Syre, etc) out there, you might be in hog heaven, as this is booze induced fusillade of primal, raw black/thrash (played by white trash – their words, not mine) with the usual tongue-in-cheek ‘evil as hell’ attitude. However, it’s just not my thing, and for the price of a CD, I want more than recycled, beefed Sodom or Kreator riffs delivered with a garage band production and an amateur demo quality approach to music.

I hate to be harsh, but Bestial Mockery have energy, but it’s all so geared around second rate music that it’s all wasted energy spent on being ‘old school”, offensive, and intentionally throwback, without the talent to back it up. Honestly there isn’t a single moment or riff on this album that came close to entertaining me, and it’s not a “style thing,” as I found the The Syre’s self-titled debut to be very entertaining. But Evoke the Desecrator really should have been called Provoke the Masturbator, as it’s seemingly an exercise in nothing more than self gratuitous blackened satanic cock rock from a band that thinks they are better than they really are.

Inanely redundant song titles like “Necroslut”, “Fumes of Glory, and “Goats Feast” should clue you in as to the overall result that strangely fulfills the stunningly low expectation that the titles imbue. All delivered with the requisite snarled vocals, gutter-drain guitar tone and occasional death metal lurch, Bestial Mockery are often quite impressive in their mediocrity. I imagine even those metalheads with craniums layered with dried-out bong resin and filled with glue fumes will, at their most mind-altered state, find something to like here (and that may be my problem-being sober while listening to this), but after the hangover is over, the stunning realization that you have just listened to 29 minutes of crap would kick in quicker than the DT’s.

Osmose is a decent label, but how they saw the need to bring this band into the metal world and out of their basement blows my mind. They are lucky they have bands like Detonation, Impaled Nazarene and Melechesh to offset the release of this godawful album. Please send complaints to

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