The End – Within Dividia Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

The End comes through as yet another strong band added to the Relapse roster of heaviness. Within Dividia comes across as a heavy slab of core infused death/grind insanity. Harsh and unrelenting is the key here. Arriving from Canada with their sophomore effort, The End has managed to release a very well written album that isn’t afraid to break away from the chaos, but is just as eager to lay it on ten fold. In addition, this my friends is what kept me coming back for more. I’ve found that after reviewing album after album filled with unrelenting assaults (not always the case of course, but merely an observation), that they can at times fade away easily; but when a band takes time to break from the chaos, it gives you a chance to regain your senses and that’s when The End takes the chance to strike again with a barrage of deadly venom.

“These Walls” is the perfect way to set the tone for the album, as it opens with a cluster-fuck of chaos, but then also takes the time to show that The End is not afraid to take moody, expansive breaks. Like I said, they are not always long lived, but they give you a chance to absorb the continuous blows as they bludgeon you repeatedly. “Fetesque” starts with an almost The Dillinger Escape Plan type riff, but more metal and exemplifies The End’s knack for off-time riffs. “The Sense of Reverence” and “Orthodox Unparalleled” are great tracks to add a bit of expansiveness flowing along smoothly, with a bit of ambience to create some texture, while also adding some just plain dark riffage. Plain and simple, this band knows exactly what they are doing from start to finish on this album. The riffs are inventive and will annihilate your senses, while the backing rhythm section is sure to help lay on the heaviness. Vocally, The End’s frontman takes on a scream with some fury, along the higher pitch range which can be a nice change of pace from all the death growls.

Some thick-ass production rounds off a well-knit package and has sure as hell one this reviewer over. The guitars are crisp, have some chunk, the vocals are not overwhelming, the drums come through nice, and there is a healthy dose of low end. Within Dividia displays a tightly knit crew of musicians that are sure to turn a few heads. If you are grooving on bands similar to Glass Casket and the like, do yourself a favor and buy this now. Solid material, indeed.

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