Jungle Rot – Fueled By Hate Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

Do we really need another Jungle Rot album? Is anyone still clamoring over their last two efforts, Slaughter the Weak or Dead and Buried? I doubt it. But essentially the US’s equivalent to Bolt Thrower, Jungle Rot’s war themed, ultra simplistic death metal is often a welcome change to the usual A.D.D thick blasting or overly technical stuttering of Unique Leader bands.

Unashamedly simple and straightforward, Jungle Rot don’t aim to impress you with technical prowess or even deft song writing, it’s just mid-paced groove laden generic death metal. Don’t go into Fueled By Hate expecting a mind altering experience, especially if you are coming off listening to something like Vital Remains or Decrepit Birth-this will bore you to tears. And to be honest, it may bore many death metal fans to tears either way due to its vastly simplified structures and delivery. However, those of you actually seeking out stripped down old school death metal may enjoy this.

To their credit, Jungle Rot have refused to evolve or play into death metal’s desire for “faster, faster” syndrome, instead relying on a mid range heaviness and efficient execution of their chosen style. The addition of two new members (Eric House-drums, Jerry Sturino-bass) has done little to Jungle Rot’s sound as essentially this is Dave Matrise and Chris Djuricic’s (napalmed) baby.

Like the Panama conflict, Fueled by Hate is short and sweet, and ultimately, no one will remember it in 5 years. Each of the songs churns in from 2 to 3 minutes, with no real standouts or “wow” moments. Lyrically, the standard is the same as the music- simplicity; “Face Down”, “Let Them Die”, “No Surrender”, all rendered with the one aspect of Jungle Rot I do happen to enjoy, Dave Matrise’s rumbling bellow. Even he is free of modern death metal over gurgle-i-zation and stupidly low burps.

If SFU’s Haunted or Benediction’s latest work makes you drool worse than a mentally retarded child being force fed rice pudding, you will more than likely dig this, but if you’re looking for something more challenging, I’d stay away.

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