Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes

Virginia’s destructive three piece returns with yet another crushing Relapse release that’s two and a half years in the making.

So did they get a bassist yet, or what?

No. No they didn’t.

But that doesn’t matter, because they don’t need a bassist for some reason. Somehow this combination of drums, guitar, and vocals manages to destroy things.

Pigs, namely.

Still working with a flurried mess of animosity, Terrifyer is Pig Destroyer’s best work yet. Admittedly, I never felt too strongly regarding this band. I never thought they were bad or anything, and being a fan of grind, their heaviness wasn’t a problem. Something about them just didn’t sit well with me.  However, I’m pretty sure I’m forced to give their other releases a new look. With their seamless transitions between thrashy chaotic grind and heavy chugs, no matter what speed they’re playing at, Pig Destroyerensures a bizarre, wild, and catchy ride for the listener. Take “Gravedancer” for example, mixing old school thrash with greasy southern rock riffing before falling apart into moderately creepy samples. “Towering Flesh” is another one of the more stand out tracks, featuring one of the most ridiculous and enjoyable guitar riffs I’ve heard in a while. Abruptly pausing for a slow and anxiety-inducing passage, the song continues again, tearing you apart with a series of memorable arpeggios.

The main thing that comes as a surprise about Terrifyer is how genuinely pissed off it really sounds. There’s an undeniable thrash tinge to a lot of the songs, and the vocals actually almost have a Today is the Day feel to them at times, which I’m almost reluctant to say out of fear that people might turn away. It’s safe to say it’s probably more of a change in production rather than vocal styles, so fear not, loyal J.R. Hayes fans. Comparing back to their older releases, there’s a definite change in production which certainly lends itself more to the style of grind Pig Destroyer plays. It’s a lot fuller and more clearly defined – it’d be a tragedy if this didn’t get the production it so clearly deserves.

This is music that’s meant to be blasted out of car speakers. This is music that’s meant to encourage neighbors to move away, or to get you evicted. Maybe it’s just the production, or maybe the songwriting’s improved. Probably a little of both. But whatever it is, Terrifyer is an album that’s certainly made me into a rabid fan of Pig Destroyer.

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