Kult Of Azazel – The World, The Flesh & The Devil Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance

Sick of reading reviews for Christian hardcore and artsy cum fartsy post-rock? Wish we could just metal the fuck up and tell Lifeforce records to end correspondence? Well here you go, guys. Kult ov Azazel’s latest offering of music for the sake of hate rages with all the fury of a jar of hornets flung against a brick wall. They’ve even got band members affiliated with the Church of Satan! Grim. If only they weren’t so resoundingly mediocre. Shucks.

You’ve heard this album before. Trust me. It might have said Dark Funeral or Marduk on the cover, but anybody who’s even gone through the motions of trying to get into black metal knows exactly what’s going on. This is texturally melodic, but not nearly dynamic enough to elevate what the guitars are doing above the noise. Triggered, but well-mixed drums; which isn’t surprising considering members of this band list drum-tech and live sound engineer as day jobs. Bass? Bueller? Bueller? And speed. Speed ad-infinitum. What this amounts to is an album almost entirely devoid of moments. Scratch that. “Compelled to Die” briefly pulls the listener’s head out from under the sea of incoherence to offer these frighteningly discernible lines.

You worship Life!
I Worship Death!

Aside from that, there’s nary a respite from the static, riff-less tedium.

I don’t really like The World, The Flesh, and the Devil at all. I hate it. There’s no way it would earn more than my passing interest if it wasn’t up for dissection. And, even though I’m tempted to offer consolatory praise to this album for its expert production and and indefatigable aggression, the truth is, that’s even starting to piss me off, as they end up contributing to the album’s facelessness. But, there are people who like this brand of Marduk meets Dark Funeral in the alley way and shoots up to Under the Sign of the Black Mark nonsense. For them, or you, this album is pure gold. Platinum even. So to them, or you I say, “why not,” Kult ov Azazel will undoubtedly sate your desire for redline catharsis. I can’t imagine anybody else receiving substantial enjoyment from this. I’m sure that suits the band just fine.

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