Bullet For My Valentine – Hand of Blood Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes

Oh, so…Bullet For My Valentine, right? Yeah, I guess so. Ever go to the video store and just choose something based upon the name and it ends up just…not being what you expected? Okay, this didn’t happen here.

Bullet For My Valentine, shockingly, play a mix of heavy metal with astonishingly emasculating clean singing. Bullet For My Valentine is to Black Label Society as Avenged Sevenfold is to Iron Maiden. The only reason I compare the two nigh-worthless bands mentioned before to different respectable artists stems from the fact that BFMV uses a lot of artificial harmonics in their first song, “4 Words (To Choke Upon)”. It doesn’t really sound like the retarded and piss-poor knock-off of BLS, it really just sounds like Avenged Sevenfold. Linkin Park. Lostprophets. So combine all three of those for an ultimate lack of awesome in my ears. I could go on and do a song by song summary, but to tell you the truth, if there weren’t three second silences between songs and fade-outs, I wouldn’t even question it if I was told this was one giant epic song of humdrum bullshit.

I don’t really care about this album. That’s not to say that there isn’t somebody out there who might, but let me just say this: there isn’t anyone out there who is going to really care about this album. It’s talented and well written at the heart of it, but holy shit, this sound has been played out for a few too many years. Feel free to talk back in the lashes about how we shouldn’t have even reviewed this having known it wasn’t up my alley, and I’ll feel free to talk back about how this probably shouldn’t have been sent here in the first place. Hey, at least they’re gathering rave reviews in Metal Hammer and Kerrang!

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