BerserkerfoX – King Kong On Crack EP Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell

Well, these young Australian deathsters certainly live up to their billing. Not necessarily the King Kong on Crack part; attempting that level of mass destruction would be biting off more than their melodeath baby teeth could chew. But this 3-song teaser EP proves that these dudes definitely rip and tear like the small, crazed animal their moniker alludes to.

Along with the goofy name, Berserkerfox have embedded a cunning, comic bookish whimsy amidst their stauch melodeath foundation. Their roots are strong, steeped in the venerable soils of Heartwork and A Celebration of Guilt (and sometimes even peering into The Chasm, as in the gallop of “Flag of Blood”). But they never jump headlong into serious-as-fuck, metal-up-your-ass territory, nor do they embrace their inherent playfulness with the vigor of, say, a Municipal Waste.

Also, Berserkerfox‘s youth assures that there is some modern, (not quite) metalcore bleedthrough. While they aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done 400 times before, there’s a tenacious spunk in their step that makes this three-track tease a worthy flirtation for melodic death fiends…and melodic death fiends only.

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