Genitorturers – Blackheart Revolution Review

Originally written by Ross Main.

Although sex and metal are far more powerful and exhilarating activities when indulged individually, Floridian filth-merchants Genitorturers *wince* aren’t afraid to combine both at face value to create a fairly intriguing industrial erotic rock show. Unfortunately, having missed the boat that took acts like Marilyn Manson to dizzying heights of fame and controversy in the early to mid 90’s, Genitorturers’ particular brand of anti-grain defamation suffers. Even with leather-corseted bondage-queen “Gen” being thrown in our face, “The World’s Sexiest Rock Band’s” relaxed output of releases since 1993’s 120 Days of Genitorture only goes to show that a solid and slutty live show will only get you so far.

The band’s fifth studio release Blackheart Dimensions wears its influences on its sleeves, right next to those spiky wrist bands. Classic rockers like “Louder” boldly salute Alice Cooper, whilst album swinging dick “Devil in a Bottle” demon-speeds the industrial Rob Zombie vibe, perhaps with the vocal gender being the only real difference. There is a lot of ground covered between dungeony electro-tinged raving, rowdy crowd pleasuring choruses and American rock/punk, and it’s well shepherded within the sound and theme of the band. That dynamic between tracks makes for an easy-going listen that will at least keep your ankle flicking subconsciously through to the end.

With enough rusty crunch in the guitar to get a minor rumbling in your briefs and a suitably raunchy vocal performance from “Gen,” Blackheart Dimensions is fine, but will not get any further than the likes of a Resident Evil movie soundtrack. Despite the bass presence of extreme metal royalty (and lucky husband to our new favorite frontwoman) David Vincent, yes, of Morbid Angel, musically this is about as extreme as leaving one’s fly unzipped and will not appeal to many who frequent these pages.

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