Titular Homogeneity – Fuck You!

The insatiable drive to discover killer new music is a hallmark of the true metal head and we at MetalReview cherish our role in helping you, the true metal head, to do that. Lists are great and we love making them, but it’s also fun to sometimes get creative with the process of unearthing hitherto hidden gems. It is in that spirit of discovery that we present to you this first installment of a new series called Titular Homogeneity.

It’s not uncommon in the world of metal to find that what at first appeared to be a wholly unique creation turns out to be somehow related to something we already know well; bands share members, cover each others’ songs, and draw from many of the same pools for inspiration. That last bit got us thinking about source material and the observation that a lot of metal acts have identically titled songs. They may or may not be about the same things, but this indirect connection presents a unique station from which to explore new territory.

At first, the idea was to just wing it: notice a ubiquitous song title, dig up the doppelgangers and share. Didn’t take long though to see we’d need at least a few basic parameters, as this first round’s search yielded more than eighty candidate tracks. So in the interest of posts less than a yard tall, the rules are simple:

  1. Must be exact same title (we’ll bend on this a time or two, for sure)
  2. Must be original (no covers)
  3. Must come from a legit LP or EP (maybe a split or comp bonus; no demos, live albums)
  4. Must have published lyrics (will pull from the source when necessary, otherwise: darklyrics.com)
  5. Must actually still exist somewhere in some form that can be reproduced here (which will most often mean youtubages).

Within these few but strict(-ish) guidelines, we will present to you a collection of same-named songs and their lyrics for you to celebrate, berate or repudiate, but mostly to help you in your quest to  fill out that exalted and ever growing metal collection.

So with the nonsense out of the way…

Fuck You.

Seven letters that represent the best known, most loved and pointiest of all epithets; the undisputed King of Profanities. One of the few phrases that survive the capricious buzzwordiness of adolescence to flourish in adulthood among those with social standards high enough to use it. And with the arguable exception of our punk cousins, nobody says it better than Heavy Metal.

Even so, and despite its inherent flexibility, Fuck You’s execution is rarely eloquent. The phrase is most frequently unleashed as a fierce fist to the face once diplomacy has run its course and failed. Fancy, multisyllabic words just don’t stand a chance against it. That’s because Fuck You is concentrated Hatred. Violence given voice. Unstoppable firepower for the razing of the enemies of radical autonomy. It makes sense then that it finds a ready-made home in Heavy Metal, a genre born from the uncomfortable space between distrust for the exaggerated promises of a commercialist society and spite for the sophomoric sentiments of Peace and Love.

But, as with all quality turns-of-phrase, Fuck You can be overused, abused, and from the wrong mouth carries negative weight. Even among metal bands, some say it better than others.

So have a listen to the tracks submitted below: five unadulterated takes on the extended middle finger to the world, or some asshole residing in it. Who says it best?



[From Into the Future (EP); Steamhammer Records, 1987]

Fuck you!



[From New Found Power; Elektra, 2004]

Fuck you I’m through
I want nothing more from you
My sanity is wearing thin
Irate, I hate
You determined your own fate
Now everything is caving in

Fuck your power trip and
Fuck your attitude and
Fuck your bloated ego too
Fuck your history, your tragedy, your misery
But most of all…….fuck you!

Fuck this, all of this
Bitch and moan and bleed and piss
Seconds away from goin’ down
Go ahead and push me
Your fakery, your butchery
Is nothing compared to my hate for you

Fuck your apathy and
Fuck your empathy and
Fuck your nihilism, too
Fuck your bitter pills, take ‘em all, you

Never will
But most of all…….fuck you!

Nothing changes, nothing fazes, nothing 
Stays the same

Fuck your power trip and
Fuck your attitude and
Fuck your bloated ego too
Fuck your history, your tragedy, your misery
But most of all……. Motherfucker fuck you!



[From Reborn Dogs; West Virginia Records, 1992]

Double message – double mind
You’ve always been the evil kind
The night will come and I will follow
For you asshole there’s no tomorrow

Fuck you
Fuck you

You stupid dick I’m gonna kick your bloody ass
I show you how to learn the way your life will pass
There’s no way out – you did me wrong
But you’re the one – who has it done

Fuck you
Fuck you

Your time will come – I’ll get you down
And when it’s done – your soul’s my own
You suck your brain – you suck yourself
The time has come – to break your life



[From Till Death Unites Us; Spinefarm Records, 2006]

You know nothing about us
You think that we’re not cool
You say we got nothing to give
We just say… Fuck you
We don’t care about your thoughts
We will hate you anyway
You’re just a piece of shit
We take no shit from no one

Fuck you, you’re just a piece of shit
Fuck you, we take no shit

We take no shit from no one
You can say whatever you dare
It’s all the same cos we don’t care



[From Fuck You (EP); Atlantic Records, 1988]

You call us weirdos, you call us crazy
Say what you want, say we’re lazy
Say we’re just the violent type
Kind of dumb you know we’re not too bright

We don’t care what you say…fuck you!

You tell our friends we’re really sick
Long-haired fags on a comedy trip
And you should know cause you’re so cool
You’re number one, you’re nobody’s fool

We don’t care what you say…fuck you!

Step on over, baby, jump right in
This is one game that everybody’s in
Don’t care where you been, i don’t care how you look
It’s all fire now, really gonna cook

We don’t care what you say…fuck you!

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