Dyscarnate – And So It Came To Pass Review

“Wir hier to paamp you up” were the first words that came to my mind upon taking my first glance at Sussex’s newest sensation, Dyscarnate. The word on the street, though, is that these dudes are full of piss-and-vinegar, and they’re ready to prove to all the jackasses like me that they are not impressed with my Austrian-heartthrob-accented mockery. Even yet… the thought that I could be intimidated by some fresh-as-peppermint-Altoids UK three-piece? Fucking please. Eager to get this over with, I decide to put this potentially-laughable release to the test…

…and fuck if I wasn’t put in my place. And So It Came To Pass is an all-out assault that brings just the right amount of brutality and groove into the ring, and all while never forgetting to add as much technicality to each song as is possible for a three-member project as heavy as this. When I say technicality, I’m not talking about the kind that Psycroptic displays when Joe Haley comes out onto the stage windmilling his oversized dick — that is, his absurdly excellent set of guitar skills — around in circles. Neither am I comparing Dyscarnate to Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance‘s Francesco Paoli, who smiles as he approaches his kit, as if his metaphorical greased-up pectorals and pompadour turn him into Super Macho Man as he blasts everyone else into oblivion in the first round. No… these Brits are well-rounded, and their sophomore album maintains a refreshing pace without letting the listener discern a second of boredom.

Why the boxing analogies? (Other than the fact that the band obviously asked for it with their little promo photo.) Because And So It Came To Pass, to be frank, will beat you the fuck up. While Dyscarnate doesn’t display the musicianship of the acts previously mentioned (one of which will soon tour with these guys), its three members are, in this critic’s opinion, wise beyond their years — because I don’t believe for a second that Dyscarnate isn’t capable of being faster or more technical, and for what it’s worth, it doesn’t really need to be. Furthermore, if this album was personified into some type of fighter, it would be the type that waits for its opponent to make the first mistake. It wouldn’t use all its energy in the early rounds, merely hoping for a knockout; and it would keep its secret weapon unrevealed unless absolutely necessary. In a sense, Dyscarnate is humble. Sure they’ll knock you out every fight, but they’ll let you feel good about losing, as if you had some sort of chance all along.

Who would have thought that death metal would be taking 2012 by the reigns in such commanding fashion? It’s only February and we’ve already been forced out of our year-end list stupor by albums from Dyscarnate, who have proven they deserve a seat among the veterans; from Psycroptic, who seem to be the only modern tech-death act with a soul; from Japan’s Desecravity, who released what might be the debut of the year in fucking January; and from returning champions Aborted and Asphyx, among others. And So It Came To Pass is a definite victory for Siege of Amida records, as well as for UK death metal in general. And one more thing… if you’re lucky enough to catch the upcoming tour this March, don’t be surprised when these dudes blow everyone else clear out of the water.

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