Logic of Denial – Aftermath Review

Originally written by Chris Redar

Logic of Denial plays really, really fast brutal technical death metal in the vein of AngelCorpse and Hate Eternal, though not in any memorable fashion. In fact, Aftermath is about as one-dimensional as an album can be without being a song with four remixes released as a single.

Now that the praise I have for this one is out of the way, let me start with the most egregious thing this album does: there is a bass drop every fucking thirty seconds at a MINIMUM. At one point they were coming in such rapid succession that the passenger-side speaker on my 2011 Subaru Forester 2.5i Limited (visit subaru.com for details– Love, it’s what makes a Subaru) blew out. The way I see it, these Italian assholes owe me some money.

The vocals also lack any sort of personality, which is par for the course in the genre. Still, these manage to come across as weak and lacking in effort. It’s like (I’m not even bothering looking up any biographical information on any member of this band) was trying to both squeal and gurgle at the same time, but instead ended up with an exasperated, breathy pseudo-growl. Good thing it’s mostly so far back in the mix that it seems like an afterthought.

You know how sometimes a bass player holds down the low end so well that you can’t help but pay attention to the rhythm section moreso than normal? Not a problem here. (Whatever the fuck his or her name is) follows the guitars so closely that you’ll only hear it by accident, and that’s when it’s not being drowned out by drumming that’s so fast it just kinda sounds like a fart in the background of leads.

Speaking of leads, they aren’t awful sometimes, which makes it all the more disappointing when the album reverts to nothing but pinch squeals and what sounds like Wolverine trying to play solos with his claws out. Now, I’m not a stringsman myself, but as someone familiar with how music works, shouldn’t a solo at least attempt to match the tempo? Or, at the very least, sound like the guitar is in tune? No such luxury here.

I guess the bright side here is, not unlike Jesus, I’ve done all of the sacrificing so you don’t have to crucify your ears with this. Hopefully my next Easter isn’t ruined by another album like this that makes me wish I was dead for a weekend.

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