Rope And Knife / Metal Eater – Split EP Review

FAST RITES: because sometimes brevity is fundamental.

In this, the very first edition of Fast Rites to grace the sacred new halls of Last Rites, we examine a Split EP from Metal Eater / Rope and Knife by way of Rhode Island-based record label, Yuggoth. Providence has long been known as a haven for punk, noise and crust. The artistic mode of the city can be seen and experienced from Thayer Street near Brown University all the way to the abandoned ruins old dormitory-structures now turned punk-squat/art space/show space and affectionately referred to as “The Funky Jungle.” (There’s also more than a few stellar goth-themed club nights to be had.) It’s among that culture of stink that these two bands were given life.

Release date: 7/18/2017
Label: Yuggoth Records

Side A: Effortlessly blaspheming the A-Side of the split is Rope and Knife, a side project of Pilgrim’s Jon Rossi. This noise-maker provides two harsh tracks making up for just over six minutes of sonic torture. Rossi produces slower, almost drawl-like black metal / noise rock laden with crust and punk influences. Harsh screams seem to invade from the adjacent room careening over drum beats that would not be out-of-place in a funeral dirge. Persistent, didactic, thin guitar lines weave their way through the many folds providing dissonant melodies and stark ambiance. Whether it’s the fuller chord attack of “Room Full of Angels” or the simple, nearly orchestral lead lines of “Revelations,” Rope and Knife is strewn with emotion delivered on a rusty platter with sharpened edges.


Side B: Providing a stark contrast to the near dulcet tones of Rope and Knife, Metal Eater take that rusty platter, chew it up and spit it right into your fucking face. Using chord progressions and pacing that calls to mind moderately paced hardcore, they set the stage for their grind-length, crust-strewn tracks. Their three tracks speed by in under five minutes, punching innocent bystanders in the face as if they were republicans. For example, “Bread” utilizes a dual attack of guitars that sound like Wolverine’s claws (he has those, right?) tearing the skin off the chest of a demented cyborg before the devolving into a rhythm-forward, halting, almost Helmet-like attack. Expect quick drums, hardcore vocals and plenty of times pressing the “repeat” button.

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