Last Rites Vacation: The Very Brief Sleep – 12/31/2018 & 01/01/2019

Greetings, hails, horns, stage dives, gauntleted fists, etc., dear readers!

Last Rites normally takes about a week off around this time to go into full recovery & prep mode, but this year we’re only slacking for 48 hours: today and tomorrow. We’re not really resting, though—as is tradition, we’ll be kicking off the new year by highlighting our most anticipated releases of 2019, and that fun will start bright & early midweek in a three-part series that will run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So, even though things look quiet from outside, we’re all in here scribbling away at blurbs about records we can’t wait to hear while kicking what’s left of 2018 square in the ass and watching it get tiny in the rear-view mirror.

We’re also meeting behind the scenes to discuss some big plans for 2019 that include potential collaborations, contests and some notable special features—one of which has been discussed for a while and will require a good deal of research and development. Suffice to say, we’re hoping to have a substantial and successful year, and we obviously hope that metal in general follows suit, and that you, too, will find every means to make 2019 tremendous and triumphant.

Thanks again for sticking with us. There’s clearly no shortage of sites out there competing for eyeballs, so we sincerely appreciate each and every person that elects to continue marching by our side. And a very special salute goes out to all the people who’ve been kind enough to throw some bucks toward Last Rites using that handy “Donate Now” button over there to the right. A site like ours runs mostly on love alone, but donations go a long way to help keep the doors open, so THANK YOU for going the extra mile.

– Last Rites staff


Please enjoy the following vacation song from Wild Dogs


“Vacation-y” cover photo artwork by Ed Repka for Evildead‘s debut 1989 full-length, Annihilation of Civilization. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, friends.

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