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Atlantean Kodex – The Golden Bough Review

There’s a neglected little rocky crag just south of Stinson Beach I used to visit when I lived in the Bay Area that provided a welcome escape from the stresses of life. The ridge wasn’t particularly

Place Of Skulls – As A Dog Returns Review

I’ve never really considered Place of Skulls to be outright “Christian metal,” despite the candidly pious slant to the lion-share of their lyrics. Sure, there’s plenty nods to theologic affairs, but it’s always been the

Christian Mistress – Agony & Opium Review

There’s good reason so many metal bands continue to crop up sounding like they just stepped out of Bill & Ted’s phone booth from the early 80’s: it was a bloody kickass time that produced

Bastard Priest – Under The Hammer Of Destruction Review

I missed out on Bastard Priest‘s richly touted subterranean cassette demo, Merciless Insane Death. Those in the know who managed to grab a slice were treated to 15-minutes of ruddy Swedeath that’s undoubtedly been Swedone

Grand Magus – Hammer Of The North Review

Anyone who considers themselves a serious music fan has had a beloved band drag them through the triple “A” threat of anticipation, apprehension and anguish. The anticipation rides in high when we first hear tale

The Dead – Ritual Executions Review

Welcome back to Cappy’s Guttural Grotto of Cavemanic Barbarity…of Death…Metal: A harsh landscape where huge, percolating tar pits swallow triggered drums and corrupt glossy sheens with abscesses spurting syrupy filth. A primal terrain where Raw

Rhapsody Of Fire – The Frozen Tears Of Angels Review

I have a feeling my being an American fan of Rhapsody of Fire attaches to me the sort of stigma that fellow Statesider’s associate with the kind of person who spends Friday nights slumped over

Iron Man – Black Night & The Passage (Reissue) Review

Note: for clarification purposes, this review covers two separate re-issues from Shadow Kingdom Records of Iron Man‘s first two releases — this is not a “2-on-1” package. One of the many rewarding things about steeping