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Wuthering Heights – Salt Review

To say the release of Wuthering Heights‘ fifth record has been highly anticipated amongst their fans would be akin to saying Hasselhoff “sorta likes to drink his dinner” (and his breakfast…and second breakfast, elevenses, and

Valborg – Crown Of Sorrow Review

Somewhere out in the nebulous immensity of the cosmos, directly on the curve between fabrication and factuality, floats a land inhabited by the peculiar cerebral offspring of the three eccentrics who make up Deutschland’s purveyors

Gamma Ray – To The Metal! Review

“We came to feel the thunder, the lightning and the heat. We came to hail the Metal Gods, bangin’ to the beat! Singing HAAAAIL to the metal! Haaaail! HAIL, HEAVY METAL! Haaaail!” I think I

Darkthrone – Circle The Wagons Review

First, a quick tip of the hat to the people of Peaceville Records: A pre-order of the LP version of Circle the Wagons brought it to my doorstep a full month before the official release

Ludicra – The Tenant Review

I think consistency sometimes gets a bad wrap in the music world. Consistency in terms of style, not quality, obviously. While I consider myself grateful for bands that choose to stretch their boundaries (or in

Droids Attack – Must Destroy Review

Born from a motherboard buried deep inside the High Life-soaked medulla oblongata of guy named Brad Van, Wisconsin’s Droids Attack strike the target with a swaggering stoner-rock/metal gem that’s sure to appeal to cloudy and

Reactor – The Real World Review

Note: This album sounds older than Wilford Brimley ordering up at a Beef Coral drive-through in Tampa, so let that be a warning to those not interested in delving into the history of our beloved

Count Raven – Mammons War Review

The first thing folks will probably notice upon first hearing Count Raven is the fact that sole founding member/guitarist/vocalist Dan “Fodde” Fondelius sounds a hell-of-a-lot like Ozzy Osbourne, so let’s address that right here and