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American Heritage – Sedentary Review

American Heritage sounds, for better or worse, like a punch in the face. So, if you’ve been flailing about happier than an old-school thrasher upon discovering a time machine to 1986 over this resurgence of

OvO – Cor Cordium Review

Quick poll: 1. Do you like being annoyed? 2. Do you constantly find yourself listening to music and thinking, “Ah, man, this is pretty good, but I sure wish this band would knock it off

Bloodiest – Descent Review

Bloodiest makes one hell of a difficult-to-classify racket on debut album Descent. It’s more than a bit psychedelic, occasionally aggressive, yet more often contemplative and defiantly melancholic, and while the album runs through a wide

Subrosa – No Help For The Mighty Ones Review

The final short story in James Joyce’s collection Dubliners is entitled “The Dead,” and begins with the following line: “Lily, the caretaker’s daughter, was literally run off her feet.” The story involves an elaborate dance

Virus – The Agent That Shapes The Desert Review

Virus has always been a rather slippery proposition. Three albums in, and although the intentional nuttiness of Carheart has largely faded in favor of a thoroughly lived-in sort of avant-garde metal, let it be known:

Drug Honkey – Death Dub Review

Although I’m sure this says much more about my own sensibility than the music itself, I just can’t deny that there’s something immediately appealing about a band called Drug Honkey. It’s kind of like the

Neurosis – Souls At Zero Review

Neurosis fans tend to be an all-or-nothing bunch: You worship the band or you don’t; you “get it” or you’re a fool; you’ve followed the hallowed path into the wilderness and drunk deep your mystic

Evoken – Beneath The Frozen Soil And Evoken Split

I have a very serious question to pose to you all: Was the Disney film Fantasia integral to your childhood? If so, then you can probably join me now in connecting most of metal’s subgenres