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Void – Void Review

I had sort of given up hope, you see. After I grudgingly convinced myself ages ago that the world would never see a follow-up to 2002’s Posthuman, British avant-black metal troupe Void has now just

Royal Thunder – Royal Thunder Review

In case you were worried that the classic power trio format was dying or dead, Royal Thunder is here to straighten you the hell out. The Atlanta three-piece plays a spooky, occult-tinged blues rock that

Disiplin – Radikale Randgruppe Review

What the hell happened to Disiplin? Back in the early to mid-2000s, they stood out as perhaps the least industrial-tinged of the entire Moonfog roster, earning their keep as a workmanlike, black-and-roll outfit in the


Dan Obstkrieg’s Best Of 2010

As a very recent addition to the writing staff here, I feel a bit like I’m crashing everyone’s party. Nonetheless, I am pleased to have joined the ranks of such an august organization, and just tickled

Dukatalon – Saved By Fear Review

Israel’s Dukatalon is the latest entrant into the increasingly crowded field of vaguely sludgy stoner doom that this particular writer absolutely refuses to refer to as having anything to do with facial hair. Still, the