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Wodensthrone – Loss Review

Hype sure can be a bitch. Give that hype to a black metal release, and the band in question has to deliver, lest metal’s most fickle fans permanently label the band as overrated and overhyped.

Dawn Of Winter – The Peaceful Dead Review

So who wants some doom? Stop, before you answer, the question has certain conditions. The doom is not the funeral, the death hybrid, anything from the Gulf Coast, or even the THC-associated. This is goddamn

Korpiklaani – Karkelo Review

Karkelo, the sixth full length album in seven years by Finland’s Korpiklaani, is essentially the same as their other five albums. Therefore, your opinion is already formed. Review over. What, you need more? Okay here

Liturgy – Renihilation Review

I do believe I smell a scene a-brewin’. Well, okay, a potential scene. New York City, never known as the capital of US black metal, made a splash last year when Krallice put out their monster of

Final – Reading All The Right Signals Wrong Review

Justin K. Broadrick is one prolific sumbitch, no one can deny him that. Just counting since the beginning of 2008, the legendary Godflesh mastermind has recorded four new Jesu releases (counting splits, the new full length and the upcoming EP),

Bitterness – Genociety Review

Variety is evidently the spice of life, at least according to the old adage. Since metal’s embryonic days in the late 60’s, bands have attempted to infuse variety into their particular form of molten music.

Sky Shadow Obelisk – Sky Shadow Obelisk Review

Sky Shadow Obelisk is an experimental doom project from the mind of Rhode Island multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/composer Peter Scartabello.  On this self-titled EP and debut release, Scartabello applies his classical training to two tracks totaling over 26

Forced Evolution – Sealed Review

Some bands are just an ingredient or two away from being a real force within their particular style. Such is the case with Belgium’s Forced Evolution. On their Sealed promo (to be followed by their