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Fischel’s Beast – Commencement Review

Back in the yore days of the mid-1980’s, a band named Sentinel Beast achieved a certain cult following with their quality debut album Depths of Death. While the band was working on material for their

Witchmaster – Trücizna Review

Only with heavy metal is ugliness a complement. Poland’s Witchmaster revel in all things hideous and dirty, and in all things, well, metal. With this aim in mind, they spew forth nasty blackened thrash with

The Company Band – The Company Band Review

The Company Band is an aptly-named little project. Featuring Neil Fallon of Clutch on vocals, Rev. James Rota of Fireball Ministry and Dave Bone on guitar, Jess Margera of CKY on drums, and Fu Manchu

Slayer – World Painted Blood Review

Slayer. There is likely a very special place in your heart for that name and the music it represents. Whether it was Tom Araya’s banshee wail kicking off“Angel of Death,” the damning intro of “Hell

Lye By Mistake – Fea Jur Review

Those who clicked into this review expecting the jazzed-up Dillinger Escape Plan worship of Lye By Mistake’s debut LP, Arrangements for Fulminating Vective, are in for a bit of a shock. Things have happened in

Canopy – Will And Perception Review

After two EP’s and one full length, Stockholm’s Canopy return with their second long player. Kinda. Will and Perception shares the name with their quality self-released EP, includes a complete rerecording of that release, a

Shadows Fall – Retribution Review

Here is the deal with shitty vocals: they are permissible if, and only if 1) they are not the focus of the songs, 2) the music is good enough to render them inconsequential, and 3)

Wodensthrone – Loss Review

Hype sure can be a bitch. Give that hype to a black metal release, and the band in question has to deliver, lest metal’s most fickle fans permanently label the band as overrated and overhyped.